Where to Find All Hidden Documents in Tangles

Small guide where to find all secret documents in game.


You will get the information where to find first document after finishing the game first time but I will include it anyway. Also you will be informed that those documents are available only in certain points of the game. So go pick up the document right after you complete the action mentioned in the guide or it will disappear and you will have to start over.

1st document

1st document is available after picking up the bolt cutter from the locker – it will appear in the control room.

2nd document

2nd document is available after using bolt cutter – it will appear in the locker

3rd document

3rd document is available after picking up the fuse – it will appear in the small camp where you used the valve.

4th document

4th document is available after disabling power in the basement – it will appear on a torture chair in the small building where steam was blocking your way.

5th document

5th document is available after opening the gate – it will appear in the basement on a barell near the place where you picked up the valve.


I did this guide while playing Epic Store version of the game. I tried to confirm that documents are in the same places in the Steam version (it’s the same game so I’m 99,9% sure they are) but Steam version somehow shares data with Epic version and I can’t pick up the documents again. Steam version sees my game as completed so until I find out how to reset the data I can’t even get the achievements for picking up documents.

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