Where to Find All Outfits in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Complete guide for finding all of the outfit collectibles across the game.

Versum Hill – Red & Rave

Red’s Autumn Outfit – Between the uppermost billboards in the center area. You can get up there a few different ways, but the easiest would be jumping down from the train tracks up above. It’s totally possible to just wallride this section over and over again in a circle until you have enough height to jump over.

Red’s Winter Outfit – In an alleyway that’s only accessible after the first chapter ends. You can access it from an offshoot of the center area, it’s near the taxi spot. You’ll have to jump over a gate to get to the outfit, but there are some iron bars on the ground nearby to help you up.

Rave’s Autumn Outfit – Behind the BMX door at the very start of the level. Just bring a character riding a Bike by that door along the right wall when you first enter the level from the hideout, the outfit is the only thing inside.

Millenium Square – Tryce

Tryce’s Autumn Outfit – On a ledge above the entrance to Millenium Mall. Entering the level from Versum Hill, there’s a ramp in the right that will lead you up to a line of rails and wallrides that can give you access to this part of the map.

Tryce’s Winter Outfit – On a roof by the tower of wallrides. Either climb the tower and then jump down onto the roof, or wallride the billboard near the entrance to Mataan and ride the rail to end.

Brink Terminal – Bel, Rave, & Mesh

Bel’s Winter Outfit – Once you get access to the missile silo climb section (no idea what the real name of that part is sorry), start the line it takes to get up, but once you can see a way to drop down into the opening on the side of the building, with the big mechanical-looking column inside, go down there and the outfit will be on the other side of the column.

Rave’s Winter Outfit – Up on the overhang of the strip mall. Just find a lamppost you can use to jump up onto this section, or find a higher vantage point and drop down. Once you know where it is, it’s pretty easy to access from a number of spots.

Mesh’s Autumn Outfit – On the roof of the big building by the larger bus terminal. The best way I found to get up there was to get to the very top of the missile-looking tower, where you meet up with Eclipse to challenge them to a crew battle, and use some boost-jumps to fly onto the big, cube-shaped sign above the parking garage. From there, another boost jump should get you onto the roof with the outfit.

Mesh’s Winter Outfit – The mailbox boy challenge by the pier gives you the outfit. It’s a fairly straightforward line of grinds and manuals combo’d together.

Millenium Mall – Bel & Shine

Bel’s Autumn Outfit – The red mailbox boy challenge by entrance gives the outfit. You can either use some boost-manuals to keep a combo going to get this one done, or remember that the carpet track allows you to keep an infinite combo if you’re sliding with no gear equipped.

Shine’s Autumn Outfit – On an upside-down rail between the third and fourth layer of the main chamber in the mall. Following the line for the orange mailbox boy in this section, you’ll find a wallride on the third floor that can get you enough height to reach the rail on the ceiling, or the bottom of the fourth floor. Once you’re on the rail, just stay on until the end and you’ll get the outfit.

Pyramid Island – Shine, Vinyl, & Rise

Shine’s Winter Outfit – On top of the cement mixer above the three holes in the floor, next to the halfpipe section. You attach to the bottom of the cement mixer and can grind to its middle potion from there, and if you jump off and land on the solid parts of the machine, you have enough height to jump to the very top where the outfit is.

Vinyl’s Autumn Outfit – On a hidden rail beneath the halfpipes. Before using the halfpipes you use to get to the third ‘floor’ of the island, you can circle around to the back of the halfpipes facing the ferry, and you should see a railing with the outfit on it. Jumping down should be easy from there.

Vinyl’s Winter Outfit – In the shipping crate maze, you’ll eventually find a room with one of those fire-hydrant looking skateboard elevators. Use it to get up onto the big pile of shipping crates in the middle, that’s where the outfit is. If you’re struggling to find your way to this room… me too, bud, idk. Maybe someone else has posted a map of it by now. Just go in doors until you see the red thing on the floor. Good luck!

Rise’s Autumn Outfit – Inside the giant pipe grind, you’ll spot a ladder at some point. The ladder takes you up, and then spits you out to go back down so you can access the windmill grind section. During that fall, while you’re still in the pipe, there’s a small section of pipe sticking out from the wall that you can go inside. Stop yourself mid-fall and get into that small hallway, that’s where the outfit is.

Rise’s Winter Outfit – In a dumpster on the scientist’s layer of the island. When you see the ramp that takes you up into the reinforced glass, the glass you have to smash through to get to the viewing chamber, go around the side instead of heading up the ramp. There should be a toilet and a dumpster, and the outfit is in the dumpster. Something tells me that Team Reptile didn’t like this color palette for some reason.

Mataan – Solace, Coil, and Felix

Solace’s Autumn Outfit – At the end of some wires in a high-up alleyway. When you get to the Mataan River, the long area with all the bridges, there’s a part where the right wall splits and you have to either go around or use the skateboard fire hydrant elevator to get across. On the other side of the gap, there’s a telephone pole that will take you through that split, along the side of some skyscrapers where you can tag a few spots. Further down from the tags, you’ll see a rectangular section of wires, and the outfit is at the end of that.

Solace’s Winter Outfit – On the ‘island’ in the Mataan River that Coil asks you to meet him at. You’ll need a skateboard to use the elevator and access the grinds to get there, but once you’re there once, the outfit will be easy to snag.

Coil’s Autumn Outfit – In the Red Light District, in an alleyway next to the building with the gay and trans flags up. Hell of a pride parade in Mataan this year, huh Coil?

Coil’s Winter Outfit – In the hand of the sphinx at the end of the river. Just grind up its collar and you should be able to jump off into the hand pretty easily.

(From my own experience, Felix’s outfits are unlocked by default upon completion of the game. This may be a bug that’s patched out later, or could have been a personal glitch to me. In either case, collecting these didn’t do anything for me, but it’s nice to know where they are just in case that changes soon!)Felix’s Autumn Outfit – Under glass in the tower with four split pathways along the heads of elephants. Just bring a skates user to this section, it’s impossible to miss when you slow down enough to choose your path going forward.

Felix’s Winter Outfit – Above the helipad at the bottom of the under-construction tower in the skyscraper district. You’ll need to go to the top of the nearby building and jump down to get this, so aim carefully and you’ll get it in a few tries.

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