Where to Find All Tomes and Grims in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Karak Azgaraz DLC

A complete guide for all of the grims and tomes in the newest DLC. Saw there were some guides for the individual missions but wanted them to be compiled as one guide for ease of access.

Mission of Mercy

Tome 1

The first tome is directly after the bridge with all of the explosive barrels on it.

After dropping, turn around and you will see these two stones. Jump on the left one to the right one and it will lead to a path.

Follow the short path and you will find the tome sitting on the ledge.

Grim 1

For the first grim you will need a key.

The key is located in the room directly left of the massive healing statue.

In this room you will see a wall with a bunch of boxes and a cart.

The Key is located on the wall in the corner. You can use the boxes on the wall to reach the key.

The chest containing the grim is just to the left of this all down the hall.

Tome 2

You will eventually come across an area with a bunch of scaffolding. The second grim and tome are in this same area.

The tome is down the path and to the right.

There will be a hallway with stairs. Follow the hall until reaching the last corridor.

On the left side of this corridor there will be a small path with a roadblock.

The tome will be in a chest in front of the roadblock.

Grim 2

Back at the scaffolding, you will drop down the left path to get to the second grim.

Almost immediately after dropping you will see another ladder on the left.

The Grim will be in a chest at the bottom of the ladder.

Tome 3

The third tome will be in the room with all of the cages. You will need to navigate a jumping puzzle to get to it.

The starting point is across from the entrance and is the stack of three cages against the wall.

It is a linear jumping course up to the top of the room. The tome is stting on a box at the top.

A Grudge Served Cold

Tome 1

The first tome is right after the rope bridge. Take a right after getting off of it and follow the path.

It will be in a box at the end of the path.

Tome 2

Eventually you will come across a area with an upper and lower path. Take the lower path, there will be an alcove on the right side of the path.

Hug the wall and climb the rocks. The tome will be on top of the final rock.

Tome 3

The third tome is nice and simple. As soon as you drop into the event area it is on the left behind some boxes. You can actually see it from the drop down ledge.

Grim 1

At the back of the event area there will be a chain hidden around a ledge. Follow the chain up and the grim will be on the ground in the back.

Grim 2

Just after releasing the bomb wagon, go outside and cross the small bridge and go left.

In here you will see a hole with a frozen waterfall. Carefully drop down this hole and at the end of the ledge the grim will be waiting.

Khazukan Kazakit-ha!

Grim 1

After leaving the cave you will see a frozen river and a large cabin. Go towards the cabin on the left.

Around the cabin there will be a small group of rundown/destroyed houses. the grim will be to the left of the second one in a barrel.

Tome 1

Follow the river and you will find a drop down with a waterfall on the right.

The tome is in the water, under the ice, in front of the waterfall.

Grim 2

Right after tome 1 turn around and you will see a small incline leading to another area.

Go there and the grim will be on a ledge in front of the watermill.

Tome 2

Continue on your way until the next drop down. The second tome will be at the bottom on the left in a barrel.

Tome 3

After dropping down into the dwarven area with all of the workshops and rooms. Go to the last room on the left and the tome will be on the shelf.

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