Where to Find All Weapons in Cruelty Squad

A guide to find all of Cruelty Squads hidden weapons!


There are 30 different weapons in Cruelty Squad, 4 of them being unlocked from the start, and the rest having to be found by the player in the games diferent maps

Cruelty Squad has a loadout system that allows you to bring 2 weapons to any mission before you start it. To unlock all of the other guns, you must simply find them in the level, and then exit with them equipped

This guide will show you how to find an unlock every single gun and obtain a true ceo mindset

Parasonic D2 Silenced Pistol

“Uses special 10mm subsonic ammunition for extremely silent operation. Popular among high-end private security and wetworks services, as well as tactical wannabes.”

The Parasonic D2 Silenced Pistol is one of the four weapons unlocked from the start, once you enter the game you should aready have it

K&H R5

“One of the most widely used submachine guns since the 80s. Unmatched reliability and ease of operation.”

The K&H R5 is one of the four weapons unlocked from the start, once you enter the game you should aready have it

SNOOZFEST Animal Control Pistol

“As the cost of human life is low, there has been no real attempt to create a tranquilizer gun for security or military needs. Some have however adopted these animal control pistols as a less messy way to get past overly vigilant security.”

The SNOOZFEST Animal Control Pistol is one of the four weapons unlocked at the start, once you enter the game you should already have it

Expandable Baton

“A standard device for knocking people out cold. The design has been the same since the early middle ages, only the materials have been improved.”

The Expandable Baton is one of the four weapons unlocked at the start, once you enter the game you should already have it

Balotelli Hypernova

“Following the rapid proliferation of advanced high quality body armor and the subsequent move from traditional buckshot to more effective flechette based shells, Balotelli Hypernova has proven to be the most cost effective solution.”

This shotgun can be found at the desk of the first target on the level Pharmakokinetics, as well as being equipped by the security in the levels Pharmakokinetics, Androgen Assault, and Apartment Atrocity

Riot Pacifier

“Fires a grenade filled with corrosive gas. Eats through almost everything. Hasn’t seen much use since the food riots of the early 00s.”

The Riot Pacifier can be found in the room with the green door in the hallway right next to the entrance in Androgen Assault and can also be found later in the game as equipment from the Bog Business cultists

New Safety M62

“Standard police issue handgun for more than a hundred years. While more efficient options exist the cops have decided to stick with this due to masculine associations created by the film industry.”

This revolver can be found carried by security in the levels Androgen Assault, Bog Business, Apartment Atrocity, and Casino Catastrophe

Minato M9

“Imported in great quantities by people of taste after being featured in the anime Haato no DokiDoki: Zankokudan.”

This SubMachineGun can be found equipped by the target in the Sin Space Engineering mission. It can also be found in a shipping container in that mission, and its also held by the security guards in Seaside Shock

K&H X20

“The Karl & Heinrich X20 immediately became a huge hit with elite security. It fires extremely accurate 3 round rapid fire bursts with very manageable recoil. The rounds are completely caseless meaning it can hold a large amount of ammunition without becoming cumbersome to carry, and doesn’t leave behind as much evidence.”

This thing can be found held by one special guard in the Pharmakokinetics bathroom, and is also carried around by most security elites

Enter through this vent in the top of the left building

This is the guard who carries it

Stern AWS 3000

“The AWS 3000 uses a special sabot round with a 30 cm long depleted uranium penetrator. It is of course designed to counter armored targets but when it hits something soft it often tumbles and leaves more wound channel then target.”

This rifle can be found in Paradise at the top of the large building in a compound behind the block of houses where the targets are, in a table just one floor down of the beginning apartment of Apartment Atrocity, and is also carried by security in Idiot Party

Its in the top of this compound here


Also in apartment atrocity, just go down one level and its gonna be there

Security Systems Anti-Armor Device

“At some point arms manufacturer Security Systems managed to convince the world that it was absolutely necessary for corporate security to possess military-grade rocket launchers.”

You can find this rocket launcher in Pharmakokinetiks (only if you have a divine link established) through this door:

Have you become a filthy flesh automaton and lost your divine link?No worries! You can also find it in Paradise at the blue building across the street from the targets, on the second floor in the first room on the left.

Also in the gun and gear store in the CancerCityMegaMall (mall madness level)


“Traditionally a weapon of the highly augmented military grunt, it has recently seen increasing use in the corporate setting. Extremely high rate of fire and good armor penetration thanks to the DU rounds it usually comes with.”

Normally you can find this minigun being carried around by necromechs in Mall Madness and Apartment Atrocity. Simply kill them (using and armor penetrating weapon of course) and take it

Precise Industries AS15

“A fully automatic shotgun capable of tearing almost everything into shreds up close. Complete overkill but popular with killers emotionally dulled by battle drugs.”

You can find this superomegaautomaticshotgun in the pizza place at Mall Madness

Its also carried by enemies in Apartment Atrocity, Casino Catastrophe, and Seaside Shock

Mowzer SP99

“Accurate and extremely silent bolt-action sniper rifle. Perfect for covert and illegal operations. An important symbol of the swamp cultist who claim to receive divine messages from them.”

You can very easily find this bolt-action rifle by killing the swamp cultists in Bog Business

Security Systems Cerebral Bore

“Security Systems have done it once again. This incredibly high tech vat grown bioweapon is itself a small biobreeder, capable of creating a small burrower flesh orb that goes for the target’s head and empties it on the floor. For energy it sucks some life force out of the user. Neat huh?”

This BFG can be found In Idiot Party, on the 5 floor.Just above the spinning platform is an invisible path that you can run across to get to the bright blue room with a chandelier. The gun is on the floor.

Enter the main building and go to the right

Go down this stairs

You will end up in this room, jump through the window in the middle

And you will be in the invisible path

Now go to the bright blue room

Its on the floor.

Spectacular Dynamics MCR Carbine

“A futuristic microcaliber platform that never reached a huge popularity despite many advantages. Uses strange factory sealed disposable magazines and proprietary caseless ammunition.”

This gun can be found carried by Idiot Party security

Bolt ACR

“The goal of the Advanced Combat Rifle program was to create an energy weapon that wouldn’t need to be reloaded at all. One of the results was this unfortunate portable gamma radiation emitter. Though often said to be illegal due to international agreements regarding radiation based weapons (no such agreements exist), the reason it never got much use is that most of the test subjects ended up accidentally killing themselves.”

You can find this thing in Office, in a cubicle located on the second floor

Right where im pointing (get an armor piercing weapon before entering, theres a golem inside)

Go through the cubicles

And here it is!

Abscess Ironworks Lux ff374f727ce9d6de93be0793733c321

“Bask in the golden light of your radiant path.”

This weapon can be found in Trauma Loop, the last level of the hardest ending in the game

The process to getting this weapons is very long (and also im never replaying trauma loop) so im just gonna link you a video i found that shows you how to find it, full credits to the guy who made it

Parasonic C3 DNA Scrambler

“High value targets often have immediate access to body reconstruction services and as such it has become a popular choice to mangle their genetic makeup beyond all repair with a hi-tech weapon like the Parasonic C3.”

You can find this weapon Pharmakokinetiks, past a fence you need an explosive weapon or a jump boost to get over, in a room where you need to do a very high jump. (buying an implant that increases your jump is mandatory)

To the right of the starting point.

Get through the fence

Keep going

And inside…

Zippy 3000

“The ultimate weapon, in ejection failures and misfires. You’ll be lucky to get two shots out of this thing without blowing off your fingers.”

The hardest weapon to get in the game, get in Casino Catastrophe and in the middle of the building there will be a machine called “Gun Machine”, every time you interact with it, it takes 10 dollars from your wallet and ejects a random gun, you have a 1/1000 chance of getting the zippy there, good luck! it took me like 4 hours

ZKZ Transactional Rifle

“Primordial weapon attuned to the beating heart of the financial system.”

(you need to have your hope eradicated and have the death surgery before getting this weapon”

You can find this rifle in a hidden area in the Cruelty Squad Headquarters

The process to getting this weapons is very long (and my computer cant handle recording) so im just gonna link you a video i found that shows you how to find it, full credits to the guy who made it


“A simple flashlight, not very useful. Or is it?”

You can get this “weapon” in Androgen Assault by killing a hidden darkworlder enemy

Up there.

This guy.

Here it is.

Fiberglass Fishing Rod

“Enter the World of Fish and become who you were meant to be.”

To get this rod simply spawn in Sin Space Engineering, turn back and go straight to the cabin where you will find it

Turn back

Go straight

RPO-80 Sanitization System

“Janitorial work in the age of bioprinters and homebrew infectious disease follows these simple rules: Contain, Purify, Control.”

This flamethrower can be found in a secret area in Alpine Hospitality.

Head to the right side of the building

Drop down to this small ledge

Continue straight and enter the cave

Right there

Parasonic MP-1 Nailer

“Parasonic’s new personal defense weapon provides never before seen firepower in a compact form factor. Fires ultra high velocity depleted uranium nails from a high-capacity helical magazine.”
(You must first unlock the secret level neuron activator)

You can find this pistol by murdering the security guards at the ECHO nightclub in the mission Neuron Activator

Raymond Shocktroop Tactical

“A compact but powerful semi-automatic shotgun, popular in the law enforcement business for clearing out regenerative art communes.”
(You must unlock the house level to be able to get it)
The only way to get this weapon, is to be blessed by the Second Triagon, this means killing it in the House level

(this guys are the triagons, the one you have to kill is the middle one)

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