Where to Find Stats Increasing Areas in Shoujo City

While playing story mode I had a problem with finding places to increase my stats, so I decided to make this guide! Of course, increasing stats through surveys is possible but sometimes they need to be bigger so we can still ask out the same girl.



The only way to increase science stats is by going to classes. Don’t forget that you are able to do them only from 9 am to 11 am. It costs 5 stamina.

Also for some unknown reason, you can only sit in the back seats, all of them.

Don’t forget that PE doesn’t increase science!



One of the easiest ways to increase arts stat is by coloring! You can find it in school, by going in direction of class 1-c and 1-d, and then turning left. It’s the first door!

Sadly it costs 5 stamina and doesn’t give a lot of art, or any affection if you’re with a girl/dakimakura.

(Also, you have to sit on the chair for the thing to appear)


Another way of increasing art stats is by playing the piano! It is a bit harder but gives more arts AND it also gives affection. It’s on the third floor, next to classes 1-a and 1-b

For doing it, you only need to spend 3 stamina, which is much better than coloring.

Also important: When you do it alone, you get more art, but no affection with any girls (which is logical I think)


Acquiring gear for Tennis/Baseball

To get those things, you need to go to the gym and open the door that is right to the emergency exit (in the picture it’s on the left because of the perspective)


The rules are simple, the girl with which you are right now throws a ball, and you need to hit it. The whole thing costs 5 stamina and gives sports and affection. You cannot do it alone.

It’s on the school field, hard to miss.


Tennis court is next to the baseball, so It’s easy to find. It also requires a girl to play with and 5 stamina. You just need your ball to be on the opponent’s field for longer than on yours.

Running in PE

It’s only available on Wednesday and Saturday from 9 am to 11 am. It costs 5 stamina. The goal is to run a 50-meter run, by spamming A and D to run. Shorter time = more sports points.

It requires PE t-shirts and PE bloomers that can be bought in shoujo mart. (Both red and blue are good)

VR Game

It is the most expensive and hardest way to get sports because if you lose, you also lose 3 sports points, but if you win you gain 3 sports points. Here are some places where you can buy the gear needed to play it. You can play it alone.



Summer Town


The only way to increase social is by going on dates with a girl/dakimakura. It costs 10 stamina but gives a lot of affection and some social.

Below I’m gonna show some dating spots.




Summer Town

In order to be able to date on the Ferris wheel, you need to go inside. I don’t recommend it cause it takes a lot of time to get out of it.



All you need to do is cook. At the start of the game, you get a cooking book that shows you all recipes. Cooking once takes 1 stamina. You can cook at home or during a part-time job in a maid cafe.

I recommend taking a part-time job cause it gives you both cooking skills and money (you can get 10000 yens from it). Tho you need a maid dress and a maid headband that you can buy in Shoujo Mart.

Acquiring clothing for part-time job


Here are the locations of the Cafes




The only way for increasing fashion that is by putting on clothes. You can either buy them, or ‘kindly borrow them from your girlfried’. And don’t worry, she won’t be mad at you, and on the next day shes gonna have them again so you won’t see her walking around in her underwear next day 🙂

Also you don’t need to worry that if you take off something, the stat is gonna fall down, cause it won’t!

But now… I’m gonna show places where you can get clothes and accessories!




Summer Town

The end + small bonus

Anddd that’s the end of this guide 😀

I hope it’s gonna help with anyone who struggles with finding out how to increase stats etc.

Anddd… here’s a bonus.

A hairdresses, basically place where you can choose more colors and styles of both your and your partners hair :3

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