Arena of Kings

Arena of Kings Update Patch Notes

Developer Villain Games LLC has just rolled out Arena of Kings update, and we have the complete list of changes for you to read. The new Arena of Kings patch brings some minor adjustments and bug fixes in the game.

Unfortunately, the developer did not reveal the exact update file size for this patch. However, players can now download this new patch to experience and enjoy the new features that have been added to the game.

With today’s patch, players are expected to experience fewer in-game issues as it includes under the hood performance and stability upgrades. To learn more about this update, check out the full release notes below.

Arena of Kings Update Patch Notes

  • Based on community feedback, we’ve added Role Selection for the Party Finder system. This will have no effect on premade groups of 3. However, Players looking to fill their Party must select one or both roles (Damage/Healer) before pressing Ready. The resulting Party will contain assigned roles of 1 Healer and 2 Damage based on the roles they selected. The assigned roles are visible on the Player frames next to the Character’s name (see image below).
  • Party Finder now matches players based on Character Level. The search ranges are Levels 1-9 and 10-20 respectively. We will adjust if necessary.
  • Item Quality rates have slightly increased for Vendor and Loot Bag Items.
  • /say Chat during a match is now functional. Hotkey Shift+Enter to quickly send a message to everyone in the game.
  • Added an extended profanity filter to Account names.
  • Added an extended profanity filter to Character names.
  • Added feedback to the Character Creation screen for entering an invalid or already taken name.
  • Lich will no longer find Wisdom items from Vendors and Loot Bags.

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