Bunhouse Update 1.1.3 Patch Notes

Developer Reky Studios has rolled out the newest Bunhouse update 1.1.3 and we have the complete list of changes for you to read. The new patch confirms several changes and bug fixes to the game.

The new update is now available for download and if you’re wondering about the total download file size of this update, it’s unfortunate but the developer did not reveal any details about it. However, knowing that this is just a minor update, expect that you will not be downloading massive file size. To know more about this patch, check out the release notes below.

Bunhouse Update 1.1.3 Patch Notes


  • Snow particles


  • Adjusted controller vibration to make it much more apparent when fish bite
  • Pressing the emote button when the emote menu is visible will now hide the menu (to be consistent with mini plantipedia and appearance menu behavior)

Bug Fixes

  • Spelling error – “Repoting” -> “Repotting”
  • Player able to pull down multiple mini plantipedia menus during character selection screen
  • Sometimes the appearance menu would stay on screen after player starts the game and won’t close until restarting the game
  • If a player doesn’t press any inputs and another player starts the fishing mini game, the original player’s animations will be messed up
  • Sometimes hats float in place after disconnecting a character in the character selection screen
  • Player can sometimes get soft-locked in the paint greenhouse menu
  • Multiple players can separately open the main menu, paint menu, and order menu at the same time, causing issues
  • Sometimes bobber floats too high when at fps <30, causing fish to run away… now fishing mechanics behave much better at lower fps values

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