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Citystate II Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes – Bigger Schools, Delete Nation, and More

Citystate II update 1.0.3 has just been released by developer Andy Sztark and we got the complete list of changes for you to read. This update brings new features, in-game balancing, and bug fixes.

The new update that has been added is the new option to allow users to delete a nation and bigger establishments. Unlike before, larger schools can now accommodate a total of 1800 units.

Apart from the new feature, Citystate II patch 1.0.3 also brings some minor balancing and changes. Along with the bug fixes, players should expect lesser issues since the last update. This new patch is now available for download on all supported platforms. Feel free to read the complete release notes below.

Citystate II Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Option to delete a Nation.
  • New, larger school with 1800 capacity. If your school was already upgraded to stage 3 before the update you’ll have to rebuild it.

Changes and Balancing

  • Revamped advanced manufacturing demand growth mechanic. Still requires a high land value to get built!
  • Middle and upper classes creates less jobs than before, making economic transitions less susceptible to induce an economic crisis. Remember to check your unemployment rate, a negative number is not a good sign!
  • Divided by two the speed at which demand is lost when there is a lack of workforce
  • Reduced the impact on the stability index from large building being abandoned
  • University education level requirement lowered to 65
  • Riots will now only appear with at least 10,000 population (before: 2,000)
  • Unpausing now automatically reverts to the speed previously selected
  • Multiplied by 2 the population growth derived from births
  • Divided by 2 the population growth derived from immigration
  • Reduced by 30% the number of citizens climbing the social ladder every week
  • Increased policies’ cost/income by 15%

Bug Fixes

  • Slums spawning on the edge of the map could stop the city’s growth and create saving issues.
  • If an ambulance couldn’t pathfind to its destination, the whole traffic simulation would stop.
  • Building several highway or Avenue bridges successively could crash the building tools
  • Arcologies and University unlocking requirements were not counting the national population as displayed but the local city’s population instead.
  • Airport was free to upgrade above stage 3
  • Riots can now only happens in one place at a time, hopefully preventing ghost rioting sounds.
  • After saving the selected game speed is 1 and the correct speed button is now shown active
  • Changed GDP assigned variable type to fit larger values
  • Stage 7 upper class buildings could be built on 4×3 lots (max stage on a 4×3 lot is 6).
  • Arcologies population could be higher than the capacity
  • Bus station button was displaying an incorrect capacity
  • Less confusing news title about advanced manufacturing
  • You could drain the national treasury indefinitely
  • Edge scroll was deactivated after loading a city
  • Interface volume level was not saved


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