Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes

Dyson Sphere Program update is now available for download and players who are curious to see what’s new on this update can find the full release notes below. Unfortunately, the developer did not reveal the exact download file size for this new patch.

The previous update has been rolled out last Thursday, bringing The Icarus’ Evolution patch. With today’s update, developer Youthcat Studio has confirmed that it will fix the bugs and several issues that have been appearing in the game since the last update.

In addition to bug fixes, patch includes some under the hood performance and stability upgrades. Learn more about this patch below:

Dyson Sphere Program Update Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug that it may report an error placing pro-building ghost when applied Blueprints from pevious version.
  • Fixed a bug that the upper limit of the Traffic Monitor was when it was actually 7200.
  • Fixed a bug that the Dyson Shell refreshing may delay after a style changing.
  • Fixed a bug when multiple sorters fed mixed cargos into a multi-storey storage, some sorters would stop working when the first storage was full.
  • Fixed a bug in Tech Tree when the predecessor of a technology was the max level of a stacked tech.
  • Now you will see an error message if the mining machine is covering more than one veins.
  • Fixed bugs that some production data was misjudged as abnormal.