FIFA 20 Update 1.24 for PS4 and Xbox One Released

EA Sports has rolled out the newest FIFA 20 update 1.24 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is the FIFA 20 title update 20 and players can now download the update on their system.

This patch was first released for the PC version and it seems that the developer has finally pushed the update and made it available on consoles. FIFA 20 update 1.24 seems not to bring new content but it addressed some of the bugs and other issues that have been appearing in the game since the last update.

Previously, FIFA 20 released an update which is also focusing on bug fixes. Now that a new update is now available for download, players should expect lesser bugs and issues in the game.

FIFA 20 Update 1.24

To know more about the FIFA 20 title update 20, feel free to see the detailed release notes below.

FIFA 20 Update 1.24 Patch Notes

  • Removed TOTW and FUT Champions Bronze Player Item rarities from displaying on the Special Quality Filter as these items are not present in-game.
  • Various Changes and Bug Fixes.

Download FIFA 20 update 1.24 for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now!