Green Hell

Green Hell Update 1.5.4 Patch Released, Fixes and Improvements

Developer and publisher Creepy Jar has released the latest Green Hell update 1.5.4 addressing known in-game bugs and other issues.

According to the details, the highlight of this version 1.5.4 more on bug fixes. Some of the issues that have been resolved in this patch are the client crashing, obsolete item issues, random disconnections, and more. The developer also revealed that they reached out Steam support to help them fix the disconnection issues appearing in Green Hell recently.

Apart from that, the update also includes stability and performance improvements. To know more about Green Hell v1.5.4, you can check the full changelog below.

Green Hell Update 1.5.4 Patch Notes

  • Fixed – Quest Items don’t unlock for Client that was not in session and had saved previous progress
  • Fixed – Crash after exiting the game with heavy objects in hands
  • Fixed – Error When Host walks near Tribal Arrow stuck near Cartel
  • Fixed – Crash for Client with opened Crafting when Host quits game
  • Fixed – Crash when quitting game after moving stacks in Storage Box
  • Fixed – Crash for Client when dying from Sanity Tribe
  • Fixed – Savage changing ownership directly after/during Stone Throw freezes
  • Fixed – Corrupted save with death at start
  • Fixed – Tribes can be stuck after spawning to a Fire with three Players near
  • Fixed – Charcoal Furnace has a smoke effect and wood icon after going far away when it’s fired up and going back when it’s off
  • Fixed – Mud Forge slot disappears for Host when he goes far away from empty Forge near Client and goes back
  • Fixed – Doubled Dryers after loading save
  • Fixed – Jaguar and Puma spawner cooldown should be longer
  • Fixed – Water Sip Hydration should always be 40
  • Fixed – Items are not stacked properly after Client opens Host’s Storage Box for the first time
  • Fixed – Physics of items is significantly different for players
  • Fixed – Unclickable Quit prompt if Client tried to Quit game at the same time as Host
  • Fixed – Host’s respawn point is set to save point when loading game
  • Fixed – Some texts in menus are cut off in certain languages
  • Fixed – Items taken by Player via expand with full Backpack are dropped with Backpack’s scale applied
  • Fixed – Items and constructions are still ‘in use’ for other Players if Player looking at them paused game
  • Fixed – Obsolete message in infolog on Player connect/disconnect

Green Hell patch v1.5.4 is now available for download.