My Time at Sandrock

How to Create a Recycler in My Time at Sandrock

One of the earliest machines that you’re about to build is the recycler. You will be getting this mission right after you create a pickhammer. Talk to Yan and he will give you a task to create a recycler.

How to Create a Recycler

You need to have a few things before you can create a recycler.

First, find and collect these materials:

  • x2 Stone Trough
  • x3 Wood
  • x2 Grinding Saws

The easiest way to obtain 2 stone troughs is by destroying the nearby dilapidated furnace and crafting the remaining stone trough using the worktable. You need 6 stones to create 1 stone trough.

Wood is the easiest to find. Simply grab your pickaxe and destroy all woods scattered around the town.

For the grinding saws, you need to craft them on your worktable. You need 1 stone and 4 Dinas to craft 1 grinding saw. Dinas can be obtained by picking them up from junk piles, quarried from rocks and gravel. While stones can be obtained from destroying the gravel around your home

Once you have all the materials, you can head back to the assembly station in your house and craft the recycler. Once you finished building the recycler, pick it up and talk to Yan to complete the mission.

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