How to Farm Golden Bloon in Bloons TD 6

This guide will show you how to pop 6 golden bloons per map with NO monkey knowledge! The only requirement is unlocking the hero Sauda.

What are golden bloons?

Golden bloons will spawn on maps with the golden bloon icon which will rotate with the Monkey Teams event every 2 days. There will be one golden bloon map per map difficulty but for this guide we will only be focusing on beginner maps. Golden bloons will spawn randomly every 10 levels (21- 30, 31-40, etc) starting at level 21. There are 4 achievements based around golden bloons:

The Strategy

The strategy we will be using is playing beginner maps on hard difficulty to get 6 golden bloon pops per map. The general idea is to create a good defense at the start of the map and have an ice monkey at the end to pop the golden bloons. The order of the towers and their upgrades:

  • Sauda
  • Dart
  • Ice 203
  • Dart 203
  • Alch 200 (strong)
  • Dart 204
  • Alch 400 -> 420
  • #1 Village 300 (for dart and bomb)
  • Bomb 204
  • Dart 205
  • #2 Village 200 (for ice)
  • #1 Village 400

After buying all these upgrades you will have a decent amount of money left over so you can spend it as you like but you will make it to round 80 easily with what we’ve got. That being said there are a few towers that can cause problems. If you have a tower attacking the golden bloon at the same time as the ice monkey, the bloon will sometimes jump forwards in the map and out of the reach of the ice monkey.


  • Sniper
  • 2xx Submarine
  • 4xx Bucaneer
  • Monkey Ace
  • 2xx Pilot
  • 5xx Village

Some other towers to be careful with would be Boomerang with bouncing glaives, Ninja with seeking shurikens, and Wizard with arcane spike. An unlucky bounce might hit the golden bloon and cause it to escape.

  • Place the alchemist as close as you can to the dart monkey. He will target the closest monkey when using his buff potions.
  • If you aren’t using any monkey knowledge the timing on the alchemist can be kind of close. If some lead balloons sneak past don’t forget about Sauda’s first ability.

Tower Placements

These are some examples of how I placed my towers. Let me know how this strategy worked for you and if there’s anything I could do to improve it!

(for One Two Tree you can skip the village for the ice monkey if you place him in a spot with the jungle drums buff)

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