Last Oasis

Last Oasis Update Patch 1.0.28758 Now Live on PC, Get Patch Notes Here

Developer Donkey Crew has rolled out the newest Last Oasis patch 1.0.28758 mainly focused on addressing known bugs and issues in the game.

The Last Oasis update 1.0.28758 was released today, April 15th, on Steam. One of the main highlights of the hotfix is the system upgrade to fix the potential cheating vulnerabilities. There are also some minor changes character teleporting, maps, and more.

Apart from these, the new patch also includes game improvement and stability enhancement to avoid server crash issues. You can check the full changelog of the Last Oasis update below.

Last Oasis Update 1.0.28758 Patch Notes

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed some of the potential cheating vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed some big rocks on hard maps not having proper collisions.
  • Fixed flying above your walker after manning and climbing simultaneously.
  • Fixed character teleporting towards a walker when being dragged and jumping.
  • Fixed kicking sometimes visually teleporting character.
  • Fixed construction site disassemble giving wrong quality resources back.
  • Fixed movement and jumps sometimes jittering.
  • Fixed incorrect times of respawn of some foliages.
  • Fixed crash when using walker climber without proper ownership data.
  • Fixed crash caused by faulty trade station protection timer.
  • Fixed crash related to shooting from slingshot.
  • Fixed crash sometimes occurring during walker safe logout.
  • Fixed crash related to walker destruction and their respawn points.
  • Fixed crash related to combat direction animation.
  • Fixed server issues with physics related to walker torque.

Last Oasis is available on Windows PC via Steam.