Last Oasis

Last Oasis Update 1.1.29326 Patch Released, Stability and Improvements

Developer Donkey Crew has released a new update for the Last Oasis on PC. The new Last Oasis update 1.1.29326 has been rolled out on Saturday, May 2, 2020, to address minor issues in the game.

The main highlight of update 1.1.29326 is the fixing of Proxy Walkers that are automatically being logged out. In addition, the new Last Oasis patch also includes stability and performance improvement. You can find the detailed changelog in the released patch notes below.

Last Oasis Update 1.1.29326 Patch Notes

  • Fixed Proxy Walkers automatically logging out.
  • Fixed issues with fall damage not always applying.
  • Fixed too high water consumption for some players.
  • Fixed Remote Ballista not working.
  • Temporarily removed Nurrs until properly balanced.

This update is now available for download on PC via Steam.

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