Miner’s Mettle PC Keyboard Controls

Miner's Mettle

Miner’s Mettle is a strategy game developed and published by Singular Scheme. In the game, players will be able to build and control a fleet of artillery-trains to fight and survive the lawless mining planet. For players who are just getting started, this guide will show you the complete list of Miner’s Mettle controls.

Miner’s Mettle Controls

Before we start, note that you can change and modify these default Miner’s Mettle keybindings by going to Settings > Key Bindings.

Move Camera ForwardW
Move Camera BackwardS
Move Camera LeftA
Move Camera RightD
Change Camera AltitudeMouse Wheel
Toggle Satellite ViewSpacebar
Camera RotateMiddle Mouse Button
Rotate Camera ClockwiseQ
Rotate Camera AnticlockwiseE
Reset Free Move CameraN
Initiate Bowstring AimingLeft Mouse Button
Toggle Trajectory TiltLeft Alt
Cancel AbilityRight Mouse Button
Select Ability 1Num 1 or R
Select Ability 2Num 2 or F
Select Ability 3Num 3 or T
Select Ability 4Num 4 or G
Select Ability 5Num 5 or Y
Select Ability 6Num 6 or H
Select Ability 7Num 7 or U
Select Ability 8Num 8 or J
Move Train ForwardLeft Shift
Move Train ReverseLeft Ctrl
Switch Train DirectionV
Switch TracksX
Dock / UndockZ
Select Train 11
Select Train 22
Select Train 33
Select Train 44
Select Train 55
Select Train 66
Select Train 77
Select Train 88
Select Train 99
Select Train 00
Secondary Ability INum 1
Secondary Ability IINum 3 or Num 2
Secondary Ability IIINum 3 or Num 2
Return to HQB
Select HQTab
Build New TrainT
Repair TrainR
Build New CompartmentC
Add ShieldF
Radar Station Activate AbilityR
Artillery Station Activate AbilityR
Shield Generator Activate AbilityR
Drone MiningT
Toggle Resource Transfer AutocastY
Salvage FacilityH
Level 1 Facility AbilityR
Level 2 Facility AbilityF
Level 3 Facility AbilityT
Toggle UMS TabO
Toggle HUDInsert
Toggle Research TabP

And this is everything you need to learn about Miner’s Mettle controls and shortcuts. What do you think about these default controls? Do you find it user-friendly? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, check out our Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem controls guide for PC.