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Monster Train Update 2.1 Patch Notes Releases

Developer  Shiny Shoe and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment roll out the newest Monster Train update 2.1.

As seen in the official changelog, the new patch doesn’t add any major features to the game. Instead, the developer has released this update for Monster Train to address some of the known bugs and issues in the game.

Apart from the bug fixes, the Monster Train patch 2.1 also includes in-game balancing, performance updates, and some under the hood fixes. Below are the complete breakdown of this update.

Monster Train Update 2.1 Patch Notes


  • The Decayer Spine Chief health progression increased 35/70/110 to 45/90/140.
  • The Infector Spine Chief attack progression increased 20/20/20 to 25/25/25.
  • Fire Light Little Fade Extinguish attack progression reduced 5/15/25 to 5/12/20.
  • Eternal Flame Little Fade Extinguish attack progression reduced 20/40/60 to 15/30/60.


  • For The Greater Good card modified substantially. It now randomly summons one of six 1-capacity angelic units to the front of the floor. We know this will disappoint some folks, but there were simply too many complicated bugs in the other version and no clear path to fixing some of them.
  • For The Greater Good event no longer available as early in a run (no longer available in the Ring 3 cavern).
  • Soul Siphon is no longer eligible for the Stackstone upgrade.


  • “Mini bosses” in The Last Divinity battle no longer benefit from the Ninja Training mutator.
  • Awoken Hollow max health gain increased 40 -> 60 and Spike gain increased 2 -> 3.
  • Legion of Wax essence extinguish trigger changed to a revenge trigger and “Twin of Wax” changed to “Mote of Wax” (so, basically, every time the unit takes damage from any source, it pops out a 1-capacity chump blocker).
  • Lodestone Totem essence now Saps all enemy units but has a +2E cost associated with it.
  • Transcendimp cost increased 1 -> 2.


  • Votive Key now only triggers when cards are played by hand. The primary goal is to eliminate anti-synergy with Commemorative Spike.


  • The “Malicka Purge” event now heals the pyre instead of purging cards. Within the context of the DLC, purging is more common than before due to the Dark Temple, so this provides an alternative benefit that should prove more compelling.
  • Olde Magic event rate reduced by ~25% of the previous rate.
  • Rail of the Covenant (empower and add Purge) event rate reduced by ~40% of the previous rate.
  • Glowing Brands event now less common in ring 3 but is now also available in ring 5’s cavern.
  • The two endgame events (Shard of Divinity and Blank Pages) have more than doubled in occurrence if the player has the requisite number of shards to trigger them.


  • Adjusted text on Coldcaelia’s unit essence for consistency.
  • Outdated “Room” unit limit message changed to “Floor” unit limit message.
  • Charged Echoes tooltip background color corrected for consistency on Forced Contamination.
  • Charged Echoes tooltip added to Glareminder, Symphony of the Soul, and Accelerated Incubation.
  • Status Effect tooltip added to Eel Gorgon.
  • Localized the “view” button for DLC call to action.
  • Fixed Chinese translation of “Reap” so it isn’t the same as “Harvest”.
  • Fixed “Pyre Shards” typo in a UI tooltip -> should have been “Pact Shards”.

Bug Fixes

  • When two Concealed Caverns follow up events trigger at the same time, the second event could be completely aborted if the user clicked to skip the intro animation. This made it so the player could miss rewards from the second event. Now if you try to skip the animation in the second event it should skip rewarding selection like normal.
  • Fixed Divine Hoard not showing consistent artifacts between the left or the right path. Now the artifacts offered are the same on either path. This fixes the reported bug about being offered the same artifact twice in a run from a Divine Hoard reward.
  • Fixed an artifact selection bug for people who don’t own the DLC that could lead to two of the same artifact available at the same shop or DLC artifacts showing up even if you don’t own the DLC.
  • When Wurmkin cards add Consume to a card with Eternalstone, the Consume tag should now always show up on the card.
  • Fixed Apex Imp and Morsel-Made attack animations.
  • Fixed a controller/keyboard issue where you could buy more upgrades than intended.
  • Fixed a situation when, in Run Summary, a card could show a replacement parameter name instead of the correct numeric value.
  • Added Shard of Divinity to the Logbook.
  • Edge Prior’s cost reduction now works on Olde Magic if it has a healing effect on it.
  • Fixed Vapor Funnel not triggering on TLD when he enters the Pyre room.
  • Fixed Worn Grindstone not working on Cardless units.
  • Hammered Chestplates and Commemorative Spike interaction fixed.
  • Fixed Commemorative Spike neutralizing the Cov10 Emberdrain effect erroneously. Now the first unit played by the player on the top floor gets Emberdrain. The Morsel Miner does not count for it.
  • Fixed Bone Rattler and Bone Shine not triggering Etch.
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip rules information on Steelsinger Rejuvenate.
  • Fixed Sacrificial Resurrection ember cost incorrect when copied by Twinstone.

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