Moonglow Bay – Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay is finally out on PC and consoles. If you’re one of the players who are just getting started with the game, here we will be covering the basic how to play guide, story tasks, earning shells, fish research, and some in-game tips.

How to Play Moonglow Bay

In Moonglow Bay, you have three overarching goals:

  • Progress the Story – Help Moonglow prepare for its Centennial Festival by completing tasks for your friends and the community.
  • Earn Shells – Shells are the currency of Moonglow, which you can earn by cooking recipes with the fish you catch.
  • Research Fish – Discover new fish and expand your journal by catching different species and donating them to the Aquarium.

Story Tasks

Compete Story Tasks by speaking to your friends around Moonglow and fulfilling their requests. Your current tasks will be displayed on the map.

People or businesses may be unavailable at certain times of the day. Check the sign in front of each shop for the opening hours and plan your tasks accordingly.

Your journal contains a description of all your current and former tasks.

Earning Shells

Shells are the currency of Moonglow Bay, earned by selling the fish you catch and the means you create.

To create a meal, catch a fish from your boat or a fishing spot, take it to your kitchen, then choose a recipe to begin cooking. Once prepared, place the completed meal in the vending machine outside your front door.

Meals and fish will sell automatically as time progresses, and the shells will be added to your wallet. Fish and meals can also be traded in shops around town, but for a lower price.

Fish Research

Moonglow is full of myths and strange stories about the unusual fish in the bay, which you can discover by completing tasks or chatting to the townsfolk.

For more detailed journal information, take any new species you find to the Aquarium. Each unique fish in the Aquarium will increase tourism in Moonglow and boost the sale price of the items in your vending machine.

Additional Tips

  • Your journal contains lots of fish information plus your story tasks. If you’re not sure what to do next, check your journal.
  • Check how much recipes are worth before you make them, and don’t forget to put them on sale by placing them in the vending machine outside your house.
  • Check the map! The map contains lots of useful information, including shops and businesses.
  • At any time, you can return to bed and sleep until dawn, afternoon, or dusk. Items in your vending machine will continue to sell.
  • Make sure to check the default Moonglow Bay controls and make yourself familiar with the game.