Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Mortal Shell is now available and as expected, it is not an easy game where you can easily dominate your opponents. The entire world of Mortal Shell is full of powerful monsters and enemies, which is why you should be extra careful when moving around.

In this guide, we will be giving you our best tips for starting your journey in Mortal Shell. These tips will not only help you survive but also give you a better chance on completing the game.

Mortal Shell Beginner’s Guide

  1. Hardening takes some time to cool down so don’t rely on it too much. Get yourself familiar with dodge rolling. A good pattern is to use harden, hit a couple of times, then dodge out of the way. This is a rinse and repeat method that works every time.
  2. Visit the tower in the middle of the woods. It’s near where it all begins. There are lots of friendly NPC on that location that will give you the right direction.
  3. Maxing familiarity with an item can give that item a permanent bonus and can even change what it does for the better.
  4. Use all of your items to save your life.
  5. Eat the poison mushroom. It will only be poisonous once.
  6. Use the lute as many times as you want. Take advantage of the location and pull the enemies from farther away.
  7. Don’t use bear traps on enemies. They are immune to this kind of trap.
  8. Parrying is notably useful but tricky. It’s tied to resolve, which are the gold bars above your health and stamina. A successful parry costs one resolve bar, and if you have no resolve, then you won’t be able to parry at all. Perfect parries will give you the opportunity to repost, doing massive damage to your enemy, and healing you at the same time, so keep it in mind. Also a good substitute for if your harden is cooling down. Timing is everything, and some attacks can’t be parried (your sigil will warn you).
  9. Grishna, the first proper boss, is very susceptible to parrying. Make sure to take advantage of that.
  10. If you die in a shell, you’ll instantly become your default self, with very high stamina and very low HP. You can still attack but will always be one hit away from death. Touching the shell you got knocked out of will restore your health with the stats of that shell, along with any tar you had on you. If you’re killed a second time, you stay dead whether you’re in your shell or not.
  11. Each shell has its own strengths and weaknesses. Check them on the menu.

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