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One Piece Chapter 935 Spoilers, Release Date: Luffy Getting Into Trouble Again?

One Piece chapter 934 releases last week and for me, it’s not one of the good chapters that I am looking forward in the Wano arc. However, there’s always a page in each chapter which gets the readers attention and hyped for the next chapter release.

To those who are still unaware, Eiichiro Oda is taking a one week break, which means One Piece Chapter 935 will be released next week. Since we are still waiting for its official release, let’s get a quick analysis of the previous chapter and prediction for events that may happen in One Piece chapter 935.

Some of the main highlights of Chapter 934 is Sanji defeating Page One, Eustass Kid escaped the prison as mentioned by the guards, a new character reveal, and Luffy helping the old man. By the end of the chapter, Queen has been spotted in front of the prison hearing a commotion inside the prison. With Luffy being the reason of this commotion, One Piece chapter 935 may cover the consequences for his actions.

The fact that there are no available leaks for this chapter yet, One Piece fans are speculating what will happen in Chapter 935. One of the most obvious events that may happen is Luffy being tortured by Queen as a punishment. There’s a chance that this scenario is the best time to commence the rescue operation planned by Raizo.

Going back to the new character reveal, the old guy that was rescued by Eustass Kid and Luffy is actually a former leader of a Yakuza gang. This revelation will surely make a huge impact on the storyline as it goes forward.

As mentioned above, One Piece manga 934 is not coming this week, which means it will be available on March 11th along with the weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue. Digital scans usually release days earlier so you might want to check your favorite manga provider for the latest One Piece chapter issue.

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