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Project Zomboid – New and Improved Way of Making Car Barricades

This guide will be covering the steps on how to properly make an effective car barricades in Project Zomboid. This method still works after the newly released update version 41.

For those who are not aware, zombies can now crawl under cars since the release of Project Zomboid build 41 update. This  makes car-barricading slightly less effective–extremely ineffective when there are hundreds of zombies after your meaty bod all at once. But don’t worry as we will be telling how you can still use car barricade in this guide.

How to Make Car Barricade

You’ll need lots of wood, and some decent carpentry skill. At least enough to make basic walls. It doesn’t matter what you make the walls out of, it can be wood or metal. It doesn’t even matter what level the wall is. If you’d like, you can even make the walls have windows, which will allow you to see through to the other side of your barricade.

Start off by laying a foundation of perimeter walls, and fill them with the material of your choice. Next, you’ll want to find yourself a car. Any type of car will do. After that, just drive the car up to the side of the wall. Make sure it’s completely parallel to the side of the wall, so that the entire left or right side of the car is smooching the face of your newly erected wall.

It should be so close that you’re only able to get in and out of one side of your car.

Project Zomboid

That’s pretty much it!M ake as much noise as you want, there’s nothing those smelly zombies can do about it! They’ll just loiter around the area’s entrance, trying to figure out what they’re supposed to do to get to you.

Project Zomboid

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