PTC Failure Won’t Stop You From Playing Pokemon GO

Just a few days ago, many Pokemon GO fans who are accessing the game via PTC or Pokemon Trainer Club have experienced another login failure which restricts them from playing Pokemon GO. This is kinda annoying especially if this issue happened during a special event. Thankfully, with the previous game update, Pokemon GO PTC users now have another option to access their account without any issue even if the PTC servers have issues.

The update came out a few ago and it is now released in public. Niantic’s update now allows players to link their Pokemon GO accounts to multiple platforms. As of writing, fans can now link their account to their Facebook and Google account.

To make the linking of PoGo accounts, user have to permit some permissions required by Google and Facebook. In order to do that, you have to go to the Pokemon GO Settings menu, scroll down to Account section, there you will find alternative account linking, Google and Facebook.

As we all know, it is not allowed to overlap multiple accounts to one Google or Facebook accounts. So, in case you’re Google or Facebook accounts are already connected with your secondary Pokemon GO account, you have to make new accounts for the linking. You will be asked for privacy permissions for linking to this account, but don’t worry, these are safe for all of your accounts. Just make sure no one access your accounts other than yourself.

After users successfully linked their accounts, it is recommended to log out and log in to the account using the alternative methods to verify the account linking.

Thanks to the recent Pokemon GO update that surely make these things possible. Now, PTC users will no longer have to worry accessing Pokemon GO in case PTC went down again. Make sure to join our private Pokemon GO Group for more Pokemon GO discussions.