Sony Says They’re Looking Into Possible Ransomware Threat

TL;DR: Hackers claim they broke into Sony’s systems, threatening to release files if a ransom isn’t paid, prompting an investigation by Sony.

Ransomware attacks are happening a lot these days. Some groups target companies. They break into the company’s computer system and steal important files. Then, they keep these files and ask for money to give them back. Some companies pay the money, but others say no. When they say no, the hackers might share the files online or sell them to the highest bidder. Even big companies like Sony can be targeted, and they try to stop the hackers, but sometimes the hackers are too good. That’s what might have happened to Sony recently.

We heard that a group of hackers claimed to get through Sony’s security systems. They say they have some of Sony’s files as proof. But there might be more files they’re not showing yet. They say they hacked all of Sony’s systems, which could be really bad for Sony. It might also mean that customer information could be at risk, but we don’t know for sure yet.

Usually, when hackers do this, they make the company pay them money. But this time, the hackers said Sony doesn’t pay groups like them. So, they might sell the content, or on September 28, 2023, they could release it online. Since this news came out, Sony started looking into whether the hackers are telling the truth.

According to IGN, Sony said they’re doing an investigation because of the claims of a breach in their system. We have to wait and see what happens with these claims and the investigation. It reminds us of the big problem Sony had in 2011 when they got hacked. Back then, the PlayStation Network had to shut down for a few weeks to fix the security issues. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t have to go through that again in 2023, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.