VTOL VR Update 1.5.5 Patch Notes

VTOL VR, the immersive virtual reality flying game, has just released its latest update, version 1.5.5. This update includes several bug fixes and improvements, including fixes for the map editor, the F-45A aircraft, and multiplayer mode.

Some of the notable changes in this update include the ability to zoom while editing terrain or painting cities, improved texture UV on the nose sensor of the F-45A, and fixes for errors and crashes in multiplayer mode. This update also includes improvements to AI aircraft, sea unit fires, and the mission editor.

Overall, this update for VTOL VR brings a host of bug fixes and improvements to the game. If you’re a fan of VTOL VR, be sure to check out version 1.5.5 and see all it has to offer.

VTOL VR Update 1.5.5 Patch Notes

Map Editor

  • Fixed: Couldn’t zoom while editing terrain or painting cities


  • Fixed texture UV on nose sensor


  • Fixed: Error and multiplayer client crash when drone carrier tries to launch a dead UCAV
  • Fixed: Previously playing BGM did not play for late joiner
  • Fixed members menu in host’s New Game window
  • Fixed: objective desync for clients when objective is restarted
  • Fixed: destroy/transport objective counts weren’t synced for a player that joins the opposite team before switching
  • Fixed tooltip on nonfunctional selected workshop campaign vote button in briefing UI
  • Fixed crash and debug log spam caused by AI air unit groups


  • Extinguish sea unit fires after some time
  • Fixed: AI aircraft couldn’t take off from carrier after respawning
  • Fixed an error when a ground unit group has some dead and some live units
  • Fixed debug log spam causing performance issue after destroying all units in a moving ground unit group

Mission Editor

  • Fixed: forcing alt spawns for respawned unit groups didn’t work