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Vivid Knight Update 1.1.22 Patch Notes, Adds Witch’s Maze8 and More

Developer and publisher Asobism has released the newest Vivid Knight update, 1.1.22. The new patch was rolled out today, June 18th, bringing some new in-game features.

The highlight of Vivid Knight version 1.1.22 is the addition of the Witch’s Maze 8 and the speed-up feature to the Kingdom Grimoire. In addition, some bugs have also been fixed in this update.

Interestingly, it seems that the developer is really working hard on this game. In case you’re not aware, a new patch has also been released yesterday. It’s just been a day since it was released but a new update has already arrived. Anyway, here is the complete changelog for this update.

Vivid Knight Update 1.1.22 Patch Notes


  • Added Witch’s Maze8.
  • Added a speed-up feature to the Kingdom Grimoire.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Holy Arrow from activating with certain recovery effects.
  • Fixed English, Chinese, and Korean Leos the Necromancer skills.

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