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Zero Hour Developer Has Officially Released Operation Black Dawn

The action-FPS game Zero Hour has just rolled out the newest update for the game. Following the previous announcement, the Zero Hour developer has officially released the new update for the game bringing a lot of new features that players can dive it.

The new update called Operation Black Dawn adds a new co-op map named Paradise City. The Paradise City is a very broad sandbox map with a lot of opportunities for engagement. It is the biggest map installment in Zero Hour so far. The map consists of old architecture with many hostile buildings including a secret factory. The ruins area imitates a sketchy territory where the terrorists use as a hiding spot. Paradise City contains numerous smaller plots and cultural references you may discover on the map so exploring is highly encouraged.

The city was reported for suspicious activities, with trucks going in and out carrying unidentified cargo. The terrorists are using these cargo trucks to transport equipment in order to build a bomb. This bomb is meant to destroy the country to rebuild humanity from the ground up. The objectives of Paradise City involve 3 men to kill and secure laptop intel (which is a new co-op objective type). Considering the map is large, you can expect to encounter more suspects. They are spread out around the map protecting the factory. Thus, the new interrogation feature comes in very handy at operations like these.

Apart from the new map, Zero Hour players can also experience the new weapon modifications, a better match scoring system, shoulder tapping feature, free look, suspect detaining, and a new residential house for co-op gameplay.

To know more about this update, feel free to check out this link.

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