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Skabma Snowfall: Here’s What’s New In Update 1.0.63 (Patch Notes)

Skabma – Snowfall developer, Red Stage Entertainment, has released the newest patch version 1.0.63, and it is now live on Steam. The new patch for the game has been officially rolled out on May 9th, and we now have the full patch notes for you to read.

The new patch includes and focused on bug fixes and several issues in the game. The official changelog of the update also mentioned some quality of life additions including the end of cutscene autosave slot. With today’s update, the developer has fixed the looping sounds for collectibles to help players to find them. There’s much more to learn on this new Skabma – Snowfall patch and you can find the full release notes below.

Skabma – Snowfall Update 1.0.63 Changelog


  • New: Post-Cutscene Autosave Slot
  • Collectibles now have looping sounds to attract the player


  • Add additional checkpoints


  • Fix parent tasks not always being cleared out correctly
  • Fix AirTossVFX getting stuck on when traveling through AirVortex Bleeders
  • Fix PauseMenu post-processing being too dark
  • Fix Trigger for a LocationNotification accidentally set as Collider that can push player down through the floor
  • Remove two duplicate Bleeders in the same spot
  • Fix Clothes being potentially left off after a cutscene skip
  • Fix hole in invisible walls during Chapter 1 and 10
  • Fix checkpoint partially underground in Chapter 1
  • Fix player being able to catch an NPC they are not meant to reach
  • Fix a sequence break in Chapter 6
  • Fix uneven terrain in GreatCaves and route to Swamp
  • Fix player getting locked up in a boss fight when being interacted with at the same time a cutscene begins
  • Fix invisible wall being able to block the route when player moves very slowly at two locations
  • Fix floating foliage in multiple places
  • Fix an Actor in Chapter 4 returning to the level when loading a save after a cinematic.
  • Fix some issues of assets being loaded or unloaded at incorrect times
  • Fix a puzzle object unintentionally blocking targeting.
  • Fix rare occurrence of an issue where player could get stuck in an AirVortex
  • Fix wrong placement of flowers that guide to a collectible.
  • Fix location where no ground exists under a body of water.
  • Fix some issues with too extreme post processing transitions
  • Fix issues with an NPC being in the wrong location when loading a save

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