PS4 Firmware Update 6.02 Bug

PS4 Update 6.02 Fixed The PS4 Message Bug But Brings New Issues

Following the viral PS4 message bug that soft-bricks PS4 console, Sony has released PS4 firmware update version 6.02 to fix the issue. While it fixed the PS4 message glitch, PS4 owners have experienced numbers of new in-game and console isssues.

Just few hours after version 6.02 went live, many PS4 users reported on Reddit about the new problems from the new update.

PS4 Firmware Update Bug
PS4 Firmware Update Bug

One Reddit user has reported that when he booted the console after the update, all he got is a flickering screen. While some did not get a flickering issue, they still receive crashes during in game. But it’s not the game that crashes, but the console itself.

Another user has posted his disappointment that the new update just brings a connectivity issue. “I have extremely reliable internet and have never had a problem until after this update where I’m getting that error message and cannot log on to multiplayer games,” Reddit user said.

As of writing, there’s still no exact solution for the issues on PS4 firmware 6.02. Also, no statement has been received from Sony about this matter.

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